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4 week foundations bootcamp
Special 4 week bootcamp starting November 13, 2018 end December 14, 2018. Classes are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 9:30am
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Boot Camp Brevard
LocationsCrossFit Rise Above
Boot Camp Brevard
Boot Camp Brevard is all about making you a superstar and having loads of fun in the process!  Our Boot Camp is designed to make you fabulous at life! Need to cart groceries in the summer heat? Fit into that dress for the class re-union? Haul that big fish up from the depths? Pick up the grand kids on your big trip to see the mouse? We're here to make that happen!


Regardless of your current fitness level, BB will cater to your individual needs. Drop weight, lift stuff, tone existing muscle without adding to it. This is where we start to make you into SUPER YOU. We’ll be right there with you to motivate, educate, and if needed, give you a SUCKER PUNCH of TRUTH to the THROAT to get you where you want to be! We will be there with you every step of the way.

Scared of getting dropped into a field of machines with no one to help you out? NOT HERE! Every class our instructors will spend time showing you how to move, and letting you know WHY we’re doing the things we’re doing. We’ll try our best to get you moving like a gazelle, lifting like a gorilla, and laughing like a hyena!

Worried if this boot camp is for you? Do you want to be faster? Stronger? Move better? Have more motivation? Lose weight? Gain weight?  HOWL AT THE MOON? THEN YUP! IT’S FOR YOU!
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Boot Camp Brevard
LocationsCrossFit Rise Above
CrossFit Unlimited
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Boot Camp Brevard, CrossFit, Open Gym, Strength for Runners
LocationsCrossFit Rise Above
Fortify Nutrition
For those who want to:
Get control of their nutrition
Learn about nutrition
Learn about themselves
Lose body fat
Improve body composition
Increase energy levels and vitality
Improve sport performance
Reduce Nutritional Deficencies
Cut through the noise and clutter of information
Be held accountable (crucial for success)
Have guidence
Have an educated nutrition coach to ask questions
Be done with roller coaster, crash, and fad dieting
Do an evidence based program
Reduce stress
Eat foods they enjoy
Build successful habits and skills
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Fortify Nutrition
LocationsCrossFit Rise Above
Rise Above Minis
Fitness should be FUN! Every class will be comprised of: a warm up, skill, WOD, and of course a game! In class kids will learn the basic movements, vocabulary, and exercises mom and dad do daily in class. Classes are limited to 10 kids in order to keep things safe and fun.

Ages 6-10
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Rise Above MINIs
LocationsCrossFit Rise Above